<strong>Bird In the Hand</strong>

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“A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush” is a proverbial saying used to declare the belief that it is better to hold onto something one has that is certain than to risk losing it by trying to get something better that is not certain. Often folks will use such a […]

<strong>Quarterly Market Overview JULY 2021 – Royal Fund Management</strong>

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Mark Sorenson | July 09, 2021 The second quarter ended with the DJIA, S&P500 and the NASDAQ all at, or near, all-time highs. That said, there was some renewed volatility created by inflation fears, a massive amount of sector rotation, housing price concerns and more. The interest rate on the 10-Year U.S. Treasury bond had […]

<strong>COVID Relief Bill’s Tax, Cash Benefits Can Apply to Some Wealthy Clients</strong>

Financial Planning | March 11, 2021 The $1.9 trillion COVID relief package signed by President Biden on Thursday isn’t aimed only at lower-income and middle-class individuals. Advisors say that many upper-middle-class earners and even the mass affluent can potentially qualify for a portion of the tax breaks or direct cash payments. Here’s a cheat sheet […]

<strong>Why Now Is the Time To Hire a Financial Advisor</strong>

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Yahoo Finance | February 8, 2021 Whether you’re planning for a life milestone, like purchasing home or retiring, looking to be more strategic about your investments or are just in need of a financial checkup, a financial advisor can be an invaluable resource for you. However, many Americans are hesitant to hire one. “When it […]

<strong>Avoiding Taxable Events</strong>

It seems like many folks we talk to would prefer to pay as little in taxes as possible. Which frankly is understandable. Any dollars that go to pay taxes are dollars that cannot be put to use elsewhere. Many folks would rather direct those dollars toward the things that are most important to them. While […]

<strong>Planning Your Next (Post COVID Lockdown) Vacation</strong>

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After more than a year of being cooped up in their homes, many folks are ready to get out of the house. If you are like my family, you’re planning your next vacation and you’re ready to make up for lost time. In this article we will cover the 6 specific questions to ask yourself […]

<strong>What You Need to Know About HSAs</strong>

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If you had unlimited resources and access to a saving account with the following characteristics how much money would you attempt to save in an account that: You can contribute money on a pre-tax basis Then grow your contributions tax-deferred And finally, access the contributions and tax-deferred growth free from income tax? What kind of […]

Our PT5 Process Interview on Business Innovators Network

We believe that every dollar has a purpose and a timeline. When and how your retirement assets will be used should be understood before making important financial decisions. We shared our unique financial planning approach with the Business Innovators Network. The Triplett-Westendorf Purpose and Timeline 5 Step Planning Process (PT5) begins with Discovery. Understanding where […]

<strong>Ancient Wisdom of Pharaoh’s Dreams</strong>

Every workday I spend 30 minutes reading. This habit developed about 5 years ago after I was introduced to the world of personal development by my good friend Kevin. He’s been a big influence on my life, usually leading me to be a better person by example. I try to read books about topics that […]