The Second Stimulus Bill of 2020–What it Means for Your Money

A second COVID-19 relief bill has been signed, sending stimulus checks to most Americans. Troy Westendorf of Ankeny Iowa’s Triplett-Westendorf Financial Group shared how that money will help families and why creating a spending plan could be a smart idea with WHO13 News in Des Moines.

You Just Received Notice of an Inheritance: What Should You Do?

You’ve just been notified that you are receiving an inheritance. Someone cared enough about you to include you in his or her estate. Maybe it was a parent, an aunt or uncle, a sibling, or a longtime friend. Maybe you were expecting it. Then again, maybe the notice came as a complete surprise. Regardless of […]

Ancient Wisdom of Pharaoh’s Dreams

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Every workday I spend 30 minutes reading. This habit developed about 5 years ago after I was introduced to the world of personal development by my good friend Kevin. He’s been a big influence on my life, usually leading me to be a better person by example.  I try to read books about topics that […]

The COVID-19 Vaccine and Your Money

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The COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out and being administered across the country. Triplett-Westendorf Financial Group CEO Mark Triplett spoke with Des Moines Iowa’s KCCI news about what impact this has on your money.

When is a good time to convert from an IRA to a Roth?

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When is a good time to convert from an IRA to a Roth? An attendee at one of our recent workshops asked us a question about Roth Conversions. Specifically, she asked “when is a good time to convert to a Roth IRA?” In short, the final two months of the year are typically when we […]

Will You Need Less or More Income in Retirement?

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Our firm holds regular educational classes at the community college campus near our Ankeny, IA office. We invite folks in surrounding communities to these classes through direct-mail postcard invitations and digital invitations through Facebook. The invitations highlight several specific topics that we commonly cover during our classes. For example, strategies to optimize entitlement programs such […]

The Plight of a Retired Widow–Part 2

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In last month’s publication we explored the complications that can arise when a retirement plan is designed for a married couple (filing taxes jointly) suddenly gets turned on its head at the passing of one of the spouses. This month we will examine the real-life challenges from the view point of fictional couple, William and […]

Retirement In Sight August 2020

Monthly News and Information for Current and Future Retirees Presented by Mark Triplett – AUGUST 2020 QUOTE OF THE MONTH “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” JAMES BALDWIN FIGURING OUT WHEN TO START YOUR SECOND ACT Many Gen Xers and baby boomers look forward […]

August 2020 Economic Outlook

In this month’s recap: stocks rose as better-than-expected corporate earnings and progress on a COVID-19 vaccine encouraged investors. Monthly Economic Update   Presented by Mark Triplett, August 2020   U.S. Markets Stock prices rallied in July as further development of a COVID-19 vaccine and better-than-expected corporate financial reports encouraged investors. The S&P 500 gained 5.5 […]

The Plight of a Retired Widow–Part 1

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Death is never fun to talk about. However, it is an inevitable part of life. In 1789 Benjamin Franklin wrote in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Le Roy,    “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” […]