<strong>COVID Relief Bill’s Tax, Cash Benefits Can Apply to Some Wealthy Clients</strong>

Financial Planning | March 11, 2021 The $1.9 trillion COVID relief package signed by President Biden on Thursday isn’t aimed only at lower-income and middle-class individuals. Advisors say that many upper-middle-class earners and even the mass affluent can potentially qualify for a portion of the tax breaks or direct cash payments. Here’s a cheat sheet […]

<strong>Avoiding Taxable Events</strong>

It seems like many folks we talk to would prefer to pay as little in taxes as possible. Which frankly is understandable. Any dollars that go to pay taxes are dollars that cannot be put to use elsewhere. Many folks would rather direct those dollars toward the things that are most important to them. While […]

The Plight of a Retired Widow–Part 2

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In last month’s publication we explored the complications that can arise when a retirement plan is designed for a married couple (filing taxes jointly) suddenly gets turned on its head at the passing of one of the spouses. This month we will examine the real-life challenges from the view point of fictional couple, William and […]

Stuffing The Brackets

I’m a creature of habit, and my Saturday morning routine is pretty consistent. I wake up, hop in the shower, get dressed for the day, make a non-fat latte in a to-go cup, pack the previous weeks laundry into the truck, and I’m off to the gym.  After about 75 minutes at the gym, I […]